Ayge Gida insaat Sanayi Ve Ticaret Ltd Sti - Rayana Residence A Blok K:13 63-A Cumhuriyet Mah. 1987 Sokak Esenyurt/İstanbul/Turkey -Telephone: +90212 854 16 50 Fax: +90212 678 68 74

About Us

Ayge Company is one of the majorexporter of confectionery and foodstuff products from Turkey and Europe. The goods are imported in various countries of the world: Italy, Poland,Spain,Germany,Belgium,China and Turkey, etc. The goods from Turkey are transported to Kazakhistan,CzechRepublic,Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine,Serbia ,Albania,Bulgaria, Palestine,Algeria, etc. Especially, a lot of goods in Turkey and from Europe come together and combain in free zone area to export many countries all over the world. Efficient and high quality work of the personnel of sales division contributed to the company’s entrenchment all over the world. The company’s goods may be purchased not only in large-scale trade centers, but also in small shops all over the country. Success of the company’s activities are influenced by prediction of changes on the market and immediate response to them. The other our company is ‘ Prestige’ in Kazakhistan. A reference about our company profile; Our company Prestige Kazakhstan was established in 1995 in Almaty for distrubutionand marketing of confection aryando ther food stuff. The main ware house and head office whichownedby us (norented) around 8.000 sqm. We have other ware houses in allothercities as South of Kazakhstan; Taraz, Cimkent, Kizilordu. Weal socover to export the area of Kirgizysthan Uzbekhstan,Tajikhstan,Turkmenisthan. AygeFood ,a future oriented company who keeps its strong ties with its social values, contributes the national economy with its worldwide known tasty products, the trust of its workers and customers. YOURS SINCERELY